Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rumbi Island Grill

Where: 299 East University Parkway Orem, UT (by Best Buy and Shoe Carnival)
Distance: 2.6 Miles
Restaurant Type: Chain (majority of locations in Utah, but also in Idaho, Arizona, and Colorado)
Cuisine: Hawaiian
My Frequency: First time
Who: Just me
Food: Half Rice Bowl with Shrimp, Honey-Orange sauce, Rumbi Rice, and a Key Lime Pie
Price: $12.38
My thoughts:

My first impression when I walked in was that the ambiance was unique. I love Hawaii, and the decor got me in the mood for some island food. I ordered the Rumbi rice (a sweet rice cooked with coconut milk) because it sounded interesting. I had no idea which flavor of sauce to choose, and the lady let me try the honey-orange. I liked it well enough and ordered it.

The wait was about 5-7 minutes, which doesn't seem long, but felt longer than it should have. One really nice thing about the wait is that they give out large water cups. I really dislike when places give you a tiny water cup that you have to refill a lot, especially if you're thirsty. 

My food came with an extra sauce cup, which I didn't think I was going to need because there was already sauce on it. The vegetables were not fresh and rather bland. If I had to guess, I'd say they were cooked from frozen. There were pinto beans, which didn't seem to fit with the meal. The sesame seeds on the plate added some flavor, but I definitely needed to sauce it up with my honey orange. The Rumbi rice tasted good (I love coconut), but there seemed  to be too many different flavors going on. 

The pie was flavorful, but the texture was not desirable. It was somewhat chalky. The crust was easily the best part. It was moist and held together really well for a crumb crust. As I got to the back edge of the pie, I enjoyed it the most. The last few bites were the best because it was a better balance of crust and pie than the rest of the pie.

Do differently next time:
If I were to go back again, I'd ask for a recommendation or try one of the entrees. All of the flavors seemed fine, just not the combination that I chose.

The Verdict:
Try It. It was okay, but nothing that made me want to definitely return later. There was a bachlorette party coming in as I was leaving, so it must be someone's favorite. Just not mine.

Other Opinions:
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