Monday, June 4, 2012

Chill Yogurt & Cafe

Where: 1286 North Freedom Boulevard, Provo, UT (bottom of Alpine Village)
Distance: .7 Miles
Restaurant Type: Single Location
Cuisine: Sandwiches/Subs, Desserts/Ice Cream, American
My Frequency: First time (as Chill)
Who: John and Justin
Food: Ham & Swiss Panini and Cookies & Cream twisted with Apline Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
Price: $8.94
My thoughts:

This trip was very disappointing. YoZone was the previous occupant, but after the frozen yogurt bubble in Provo burst, it (like many others) shut down. Chill Yogurt & Cafe is an attempt to revitalize the location by offering more options with soups, salads, and paninis now on the menu. The biggest headache for YoZone was parking, but at 9:30 on a Friday night Justin and I were the only ones there. Though we definitely did not struggle to find a parking spot, it felt more like a ghost town than a restaurant.

The frozen yogurt is 39 cents an ounce and is nothing to write home about. Good frozen yogurt has interesting, well-balanced flavors, smooth texture, and fresh toppings. Chill was average or sub-par in all of these categories. It was runny, the flavors weren't anything special, and the toppings were average as well. Even though we were the only ones there, the machines were messy, and nearly every one had a light blinking, which did not help the experience.

After a very long wait, my panini finally came. The excuse was that the "grill turned off and I did not notice." The bread was supposed to be sourdough but it tasted like regular white Wonder bread. The ham and cheese were very ordinary too. The only thing that was unique was the "mustard bistro sauce," though it didn't compliment the rest of the sandwich at all. I could have made this sandwich at home much easier and much less expensively than Chill did for me. I was shocked at the low quality of products for a $6.49 sandwich.

Do differently next time:
Though I probably won't go back, if I do I plan on getting the Dave Special or another panini with a  Ciabatta bun. For how poor the bread was on the Ham & Swiss, I would hope that the Ciabatta bun is better. Also, maybe the salads would be a better option. I'm just being optimistic in light of how bad the sandwich I got was.

The Verdict:
Don't go. It's not worth your time. Having both frozen yogurt and food at one place isn't that much of a novelty, and the quality of either isn't good enough to merit your visit.

Other Opinions:
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