Wednesday, June 20, 2012

India Palace

Where: 98 West Center Street, Provo, UT (across from Nu Skin)
Distance: 1.2 Miles
Restaurant Type: Single Location
Cuisine: Indian, Vegetarian, Seafood
My Frequency: First Time
Who: John, Brent, and Justin
Food: Lunch Buffet
Price: $35.00 for two with drinks and tip ($9.95 buffet, $3.50 for lassi, I think I got overcharged)
My thoughts:

Though India Palace has quite an extensive menu, they serve a selection of these items during lunch (11:30-2:30) in a buffet. I didn't get as many pictures inside as I would have liked, but it has a modern, authentic feel.

The Mango Lassi was one of my favorite parts of the meal. Though the portion was small for the price, it was very thick, creamy, and overall delicious. The staff was very attentive and kept my water full after I was out of lassi. My brother and I joked that there should be an empty glass challenge of some kind. They were so on top of it that our water glasses were always topped off.

The buffet has a large variety of options. Normally, my philosophy with buffets is try a little bit of everything and then go back for your favorites. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling as adventurous this time, but did fill up on some really good dishes.

There are a variety of rices, but the one I liked the best had vegetables in it. It was more flavorful than some of the others and had a hint of curry. There was a fried potato circle (I think the Vegetable Pakora) that was crispy on the outside, moist in the middle and seasoned well. My favorite was the Chicken Coconut Korma. It was creamy and perfectly spiced for me. The coconut milk cooled down the spicy curry, but Brent thought that there is too much coconut. The Chicken Tikka Masala is normally Brent's favorite, but was dry this time. The Naan was all pretty typical and a good filler. It's somewhat plain on it's own, but good for dipping in the sauces from the entrees. 

Do differently next time:
Not get a drink. Though it was really good, the meal was more expensive than I'd like to pay for a lunch.

The Verdict: 
Good Choice. Indian food can be hit or miss for me, but India Palace's buffet was a hit. They have a large variety of options and great service.

Other Opinions:
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