Monday, June 18, 2012

Jimmy John's

Where: 2308 N University Pkw, Provo, UT (near the dollar theater and Coldstone)
Distance: 1.5 Miles 
Restaurant Type: Chain (over 1200 locations nationwide, started in Illinois)
Cuisine: Subs/Sandwiches
My Frequency: About 3 Times
Who: John and David
Food: Big John, Turkey Tom, and Italian Night Club
Price: $5.76 (for one classic sub) and $8.00 (for one giant club and a cookie delivered)
My thoughts:

David and I needed to get a quick lunch and we settled on Jimmy John's. I had been once before, but it was so long ago that I didn't remember much. Our first impression was that there were too many people working. I counted about 12 employees and there were only about 10 people total eating while we were there. They also have "speedy delivery" and a drive thru, but still were overstaffed in our minds.

Jimmy John's was started by a college student from Illinois in the 80's. It definitely has some character. This "Approved by Mamas" or "Free Smells" signs show the more spunky side of this sandwich joint. The menu is pretty simple with Sub Sandwiches on one side and Giant Club Sandwiches on the other. I thought that there was only one bread available, but they do also have a 7-grain bread. The $4.50 price seemed great for an 8'' sub, so I was excited to try it.

David's Big John and my Turkey Tom were good, but needed more vegetables. Mine had too much mayo. The bread is simple, but fresh. In fact, they sell yesterday's bread discounted, so you know today's is fresh. The toppings were also fresh, but were very ordinary. My sub was supposed to come with alfalfa sprouts, which would have given it a more unique flavor, but I didn't see any.

For how plain our sandwiches seemed, I wanted to try getting one of the club sandwiches to see if they were any different. I also wanted to see if the delivery was as fast as they claimed it to be. I placed my order online for an Italian Night Club and about 8 minutes later they had it delivered. Delivery does add a unique aspect to the sandwich shop experience, but it does cost a bit more to do it. They don't say this, but the online prices are a little higher than the in-store prices to cover the delivery charge. This sandwich was good (and better than my Turkey Tom), but still nothing that blew me away.

Do differently next time:
Add some other ingredients to my sandwich or order a sandwich with more ingredients.

The Verdict:
Try it. The fresh ingredients, good prices, and delivery option make Jimmy John's something worth trying, but not good enough to be a regular staple.

Other Opinions:
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