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Where: 102 University Ave, Provo (near Center Street on University by Well's Fargo)
Distance: 1.1 Miles
Restaurant Type: Single Location
Cuisine: American, Sandwiches/Subs
My Frequency: Second time
Who: John, Ammon, Marissa, and Emerson
Food: Biscuits and Gravy, Chorizo, and Spinach Pancakes
Price: $34.09 for the three of us (including tip)
My thoughts:

I had been to Communal once before back in the fall on what turned out being an expensive man date. I invited a friend to grab a bite to eat, but he said he didn't want to pay much. I was feeling something unique and I had never been to Communal so I offered to pay and we tried it. I ended up paying about $50 for the both of us, which wasn't necessarily worth it for me. I remember the food being good, but nothing amazing. When Ammon chose this as his location for winning one of my blog contests, I wanted to try either brunch or lunch since I had been once for dinner.

This beautiful sign shows what we choose. Let me just say that any place that has good food for lunch and dinner and can also pull off a good breakfast gets high ratings in my book. Breakfast is always my favorite, and Communal had one that I'd come back for.

The ambiance is fun and creates a feeling of closeness. It's called Communal because the majority of the seating is at this long community table. You can be sitting right next to another group, which is fun but may not be for everyone. Also the dishes on the dinner menu are all ordered separate and come ready to share. Even your sides are a separate order so you get a customize-able dining experience. Only about 30 people can fit in the restaurant at once. About half of that is at the long table and the other half is in smaller more private tables on the side. Because it is so small, I'd recommend making a reservation if you definitely want to go. You can do it online at their website or at OpenTable.

Biscuits and gravy. Those three words are some of my favorites. Communal offers a fresh twist on an old classic that was definitely a fun experience for my palate. The biscuits were perfect: crispy on the outer edge with a fluffy inside that was to die for. The gravy was creamy and had a great mild flavor. More of it would have been desirable. I thought when I first saw this that it wasn't going to be enough, but I was indeed full from these heavenly morsels of buttery, flaky deliciousness. 

Ammon really enjoyed his Chorizo. It had a nice fresh tomato flavor. The sausage was well flavored and paired well with the sauce. It comes with a piece of bread, but Ammon would have liked another side to finish off the meal. He said he'd order it again, but next time with a biscuit or some other side.

Marissa's spinach pancakes were about what she expected. She enjoyed her meal, but it didn't seem like she enjoyed hers as much as Ammon and I enjoyed ours. I had a bite of her homemade sausage patties. They were good, but didn't come together as well as I would have liked.

Do differently next time:
Lunch. I've done dinner and breakfast and have enjoyed both overall. I need to try some lunch to get the full perspective. Also, I was feeling rushed this time and the wait was longer than expected. They make everything fresh, so be prepared for a bit more a wait than other places (especially for breakfast).

The Verdict:
Good Choice. This was really close to an absolutely go for me, but I reserve those for my absolute favorite places. I would go back again for sure, but it just didn't have a wow factor that made me really want it again right away. However, I do reserve the right to be wowed in the future and bump this up a notch.

Other Opinions:
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