Saturday, July 14, 2012

Smash Burger

Where: 542 E University Parkway, Orem, UT (across University Parkway from the mall)
Distance: 2.4 Miles
Restaurant Type: Chain (over 150 locations nationwide, four in Utah: Orem, Draper, Valley Fair, and Sugar House)
Cuisine: Burgers, Hot Dogs/Sausages, Fast Food
My Frequency: 3-5 Times
Who: John and Nathan
Food: Beehive Burger, Smashfries, Wedge Burger, Smash Sweet Potato Fries, and a Nutter Butter Shake
Price: $13.23 ($5.99 burger, $2.99 fries, $3.99 shake)
My thoughts:

Though I love burgers and had been to Smash Burger a few times before, I didn't love it enough to add it into the rotation. This trip might have changed my mind. The service was fantastic, along with the food. When I ordered they were very precise with the wait, saying that our food should be ready in "7-9 minutes." I think it was even faster than that, which was great.

Though burger is in the name of the place, they also have a variety of sides, chicken sandwiches, salads, hot dogs, and shakes. It's important to note that even though there are different sizes of patties on the burgers, the bun is always the same size. I always prefer when the bun gets bigger with the patty, but Smash Burger can pull it off. They have artisan buns that can withstand the smashed burger's grease even in the largest size.

The shakes are made with Haagen Dazs ice cream. I'm somewhat of an ice cream snob and even though Haagen Dazs doesn't normally make the top of the list for me, this shake does. Maybe it's because it's Nutter Butter and I don't know anywhere else you can get one. Maybe it's because they give you the extra in the metal cup (always a bonus). Whatever it is, I'm in love. A great shake has to be able to come through the straw for me and this shake more than passed the test.

I saw the Wedge Burger on the menu and was intrigued. Mainly because it had one of my favorite ingredients: blue cheese crumbles. That paired with applewood smoked bacon is reason enough for me to order this burger. I thought that the wedge of iceberg lettuce would be too much, but it was complemented perfectly with the flavor of the blue cheese. I love sweet potato fries, and these Smash Sweet Potato fries are among the best. They are topped with rosemary, which is a perfect flavor for the sweet potato.

UPDATE: I was too far behind with my posts and visited Smash Burger about a month ago. Unfortunately I went back this week and the Wedge Burger is gone. I was so depressed that I couldn't even tell you what their new addition is. Please bring it back. Please!!

I had ordered this one before, but this time Nate choose the Beehive Burger. Each state or region has their own unique burger. They celebrate local flavors, which is a neat thing about the menu at Smash Burger. Though I've never tried the Buckeye Burger in Ohio, the Broklyn in New York, or the Bronco in Idaho, the names and flavors make me want to visit Smash Burger wherever I travel. The Honey BBQ sauce was his favorite part on the Beehive. The rosemary enhances the flavor of the sweet potato fries, but it doesn't work as well for me on their Smashfries. Even with the rosemary, they are surprisingly bland and greasy. 

Do differently next time:
Try a salad or a hot dog. I've been with someone who ordered a chicken sandwich before and she liked it. I also want to petition to bring back the Wedge Burger. It was perfect and the menu is less appealing without my long lost friend.

The Verdict:
Good Choice. I wouldn't say that this the end all be all for burgers, but it is a pretty good burger. The service and unique menu options make it a place to check out wherever you are.

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  1. I loved their oinon ringed burger. It is their specialty. Try their new sandwich: sliced meats melbourne. Has beef, pork, chicken and turkey.