Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cafe West (the Hospital)

Where: 1034 North 500 West Provo, UT (in the hospital on the first floor)
Distance: 1 Mile
Website: (click on 'For Patients & Visitors' and then 'Cafe West')
Restaurant Type: Single Location
Cuisine: American, Breakfast/Brunch, Desserts/Ice Cream
My Frequency: 7-10 Times
Who: John, Justin, and Scott
Food: Cheeseburger, Fries, Strawberry Oreo Shake
Price: $5.50 (Cheeseburger $2 and Shake $3)
My thoughts:

The first time that someone asked me if I wanted to go to the Hospital to eat, I was a bit taken a back. Isn't hospital food known for being really bad? Cafe West seems to be the exception because friends from multiple circles have recommended that we go. The real appeal to my college friends I think is that it's open 24 hours a day.

The burger isn't bad for being only $2. The bun is actually really good, but the patty isn't anything special. The cheese is low quality, but overall not a bad burger. Maybe I'm only saying this because I've only had it late at night, but who knows.

The fries are crispy and come with fry sauce, but are fairly average overall. I've also ordered the onion rings ($1.50) which are better but fairly average as well. The grilled chicken ($3.25) is overpriced and really not that great. I had a BLT ($2.75) once as well and it was good, but it's not hard to mess up a BLT.

The shakes are the one thing that I plan on getting when I go to Cafe West. They are very good for the price and have a good deal of combinations. I highly recommend getting Oreo with banana or strawberry, because the Oreo ice cream is like getting an extra topping.

There are also a couple of racks with miscellaneous items. Cafe West definitely there for the people who work at the hospital and visitors, but they don't ID you or anything so it's open to all. I bet those who work there get frustrated when they have to wait to get through a long line of college students, but tough.

Do differently next time:
Nothing. It is what it is for those who need it. I do need to try omelet night at some point. If you haven't heard, about once a month Cafe West sells huge omelets for super cheap (like $4?).

The Verdict: 
Try It. Especially if you're up late and want somewhere other than McDonald's to eat. I really do enjoy the shakes and the food doesn't seem half bad that late at night though I probably really is . . .

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