Friday, August 10, 2012


Where: 45 East Center Street, Provo (Downtown on the east side of center)
Distance: 1.1 Miles
Restaurant Type: Single Location
Cuisine: Vegetarian, Breakfast/Brunch, Modern American
My Frequency: About 10 Times
Who: Chiara and John
Food: West of Philly Wrap, Veggie Quesadilla Special, and Sweet Potato Fries
Price: $11.75 ($7.49 Quesadilla & $2.99 Fries)
My thoughts:

Guru's is one of the typical downtown places that seems to do pretty well for itself. I've been a handful of times and have overall enjoyed the visit, though I wouldn't say it's one of my favorite places. I honestly though go here more often than I would if I better remembered past experiences. Some parts draw me back, but I'm always slightly let down.

The decor always seems a little strange for me. It has this modern, industrial type feel with all the metal artwork. There's a mural on the one wall and random things that don't seem to tie well enough together for me. The strangest part though is the flat screen TVs with Sports Center playing. I'm a big fan of ESPN, but it just doesn't fit the ambiance for the crowd. I don't hate anything about the decor (surprisingly not even the flower covers on the old CRT TVs), but I definitely don't love it either.

They have a number system which is fairly typical, but there's something taped down by the register that's a little unique. "PLEASE TIP SERVER. TIP) noun a material favor or gift, usually money, given in return for service." The strange part for me is that you don't really have a server. Yeah someone brings out your food, but they don't come back and check on you or fill up your drink. Sometimes I still do tip here though because I feel like the food has come faster. Overall though, I wouldn't brag about the service or say that I feel a tip is necessary for what you receive.

In talking about what draws me back, this is probably the highlight. I'm a huge sweet potato fry fan and these get the job done and then some for me. They are crispy seasoned goodness with a delicious unique fry sauce. I really don't have anything bad to say about these. They are for the most part very consistent and enjoyable. No matter what else you order, get some of these.

Chiara's West of Philly Wrap was good. It had a lot of lettuce which gave it a fresh taste, but had enough meat to make it taste 'like a cheeseburger in a wrap.' Who wouldn't like a fresh tasting cheeseburger disguised as a healthy wrap? The chips are a good filler, but nothing more. The salsa here is water, but fresh tasting.

My first bite was horribly over seasoned and then I got a kick in the face of blue cheese. Normally I'm complaining that foods are too bland, but this one just had too much going for it. I mean look at the picture, you can see the seasoning caked on the tortilla. Also I normally love blue cheese, but it just didn't mix well with the other flavors for me. The vegetables weren't anything special and seemed plain compared to the other overpowering flavors. Mine also came with chips and salsa which are just ok.

Do differently next time:
Go for breakfast. For how much I love breakfast, I can't believe I haven't tried it yet. Maybe it's because you have to wake up early. That tends to be a problem sometimes . . .

The Verdict:
Try It. I used to think it was more of a four star type of place, but I've been let down more often lately. It still has good food and I'd go just for the amazing sweet potato fries. I just haven't been thrilled with the entrees recently. Maybe this will change, but right now I'm sticking with a just 'try it.'

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  1. john! i used to work there! best job ever. um...when is cubby's coming?!

  2. another thing is, the reason you may be let down recently is because their management changed. When i worked there the manager was one of the original founders, now it's not.