Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thai Ruby Restaurant

Where: 744 E 820 N, Provo (south of campus and J-Dawgs)
Distance: 0.3 Miles
Website: (there, but not really developed)
Restaurant Type: Single Location
Cuisine: Thai
My Frequency: First Time
Who: John and Richelle
Food: Pad Thai with Shrimp, Pad Prik King with Beef, and Mango Sticky Rice
Price: $38.83 (for two with a dessert to share)
My thoughts:

This is one of many long overdue posts. When I started this blog, one of my first tasks was to find a quality editor. It's something that I honestly didn't even realize that I needed, but that has made a big difference in the overall quality of my posts. I found such excellence in my good friend Richelle. As celebration for this new endeavor I promised her a meal at a restaurant of her choice. Being the Thai lover that she is, we settled on Thai Ruby.

Even though I've lived extremely nearby on Condo Row, I had never ventured over to this taste of Thailand. It is extremely close to campus, and I was surprised that I hadn't heard more about it. As soon as I looked at the menu, I realized why. The price point is a little high for starving students who you'd think would be the target market because of the restaurant's location. Richelle assured me that though students do come, there's a large enough following of locals to keep Thai Ruby going.

The menu was beautiful. I normally don't judge a place too much on the appearance of the menu, but this one just stuck out to me. It was like looking through a picture book. It featured stunning photos of many of the dishes. I know it may not seem like too important of a detail, but it definitely enhanced my experience.

The decor was also full of intricate details, which added to the ambiance. I felt like it was missing elephants. When I think of Thailand I think of elephants. I found maybe one or two decorations with an elephant, but there were too small to warrant a picture dedicated to them. Maybe I'm just picky or sat in the wrong part of the dining room, but that's just me.

Richelle really loves her Pad Prik King. You get a large portion of rice to eat your dish over. It has a great kick and flavor with curry. Richelle craves this dish. "It's all in the sauce and fresh green beans" for her. I had a bite and though I enjoyed it, I personally liked my Pad Thai better.

Pad Thai is my go-to because I love the flavoring of the noodles, green onion, scrambled egg, and of course shrimp. The noodles did seem a tad chewy for me at first, but got better as ate more. Overall it had a great flavor. I felt that the shrimp wasn't as good as it normally should be and was overpriced at $3 extra to my meal.

Even though we were both pretty full, there's always room for dessert, right? :) This Mango Sticky Rice was a perfect sweet ending to a satisfying meal. It was warm and creamy and had a great buttery flavor. The cool mango was a perfect complement to the warm rice, and we both overall really enjoyed this dessert.

Do differently next time:
I'm normally not one to gripe about price because I understand that for the most part you get what you pay for, but that's what got me hung up most at Thai Ruby. I think I'd go for lunch, though, because if I remember correctly, they have smaller lunch dishes for less.

The Verdict:
Try It. I normally like Thai food and though I did indeed enjoy it here, I don't know if my food warranted the higher price point. The service was fantastic and the food was fresh, but I still wasn't wowed enough to want to go back again real soon.

Other Opinions:
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